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Public Transportation and Your Well-Being


Much of our society is reliant on public transportation. These are vital societal systems that allow much of the population to move and get to their destinations. However, public transportation may not be the best option for those who have illnesses, disabilities, and other medical conditions.

As we provide non-emergency medical transportation in Portage, Wisconsin, we understand the transportation struggles of those with health conditions. Let’s expand on why public transportation may not be a good fit for those with health problems.

For one, public transportation may not be convenient. Convenience while traveling is highly important for seniors and persons with disabilities.

People often have to wait in line for long periods just for their train or bus to arrive. People with health problems may not have the physical capabilities to do this.

This is why many seniors go for senior medical transportation services to achieve maximum comfort while traveling.

Furthermore, our non-medical transportation services in Saint Anthony, Minnesota, acknowledge that people with health problems will need space for their assistive devices, as well as comfortable seats when traveling. Public transportation seats are not the most spacious, nor are they the most comfortable. This can affect the quality of rides for your loved ones.

Lastly, safety should be given priority to those with health problems. This safety can be compromised in public transportation.

In conclusion, people with health issues, especially mobility problems are better off traveling with NEMT services. Through these services, they can achieve convenient, comfortable, and safe rides.

If you need a safe ride to your destinations, you can come to us here at COMFORTCARE TRANSPORTATION LLC. We provide NEMT services with ADA certified vehicles in Minnesota, and we can take you where you need to be. Call us today!

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