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Why Avail Medicaid Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Why Avail Medicaid Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

It is vital that we receive medical care on time to keep our health. But not all of us can do so. Some of us miss or postpone getting this kind of care due to low income, chronic conditions, disabilities, or reaching senior years. With these conditions, it is difficult for us to get the necessary transportation to go to our respective health care destinations. Getting to different health care facilities is a challenge in these circumstances. Fortunately, we can avail of non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) benefit from Medicaid. This makes it possible for us to hire services like the non-medical transportation services in Saint Anthony, Minnesota. Let’s look at the benefits of availing this benefit from Medicaid.

  • Healthcare access for beneficiaries with low income

    Getting transportation like special needs transportation to take us from our homes to our respective healthcare destinations is an added financial burden for those of us with low income. This is one of the common hindrances in getting medical care. This problem is solved by the non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) benefit of Medicaid because it will cover this type of expense. So going to different health care sessions won’t be a problem anymore.

  • Assistance to individuals with disabilities

    Getting NEMT through Medicaid is also very beneficial for those of us with disabilities or mobility issues who need to visit health care facilities often. This is because we can hire the services of non-emergency transport companies with the right vehicles, such as the ADA Certified Vehicles in Minnesota, which ensures that all of their drivers are well trained to transport physically impaired people.

  • Support to those with limited public transport or those who need long travel times to get to health care facilities

    With Medicaid NEMT benefit, those of us who live in these areas can make arrangements with any non-medical transportation services like the non-emergency medical transportation in Portage, Wisconsin, to take us from home to different health care destinations and vice versa on a regular schedule. We don’t have to worry about the cost because it’s covered by Medicaid.

COMFORTCARE TRANSPORTATION LLC is happy that people, especially the less fortunate can avail of non-medical transportation services such as transportation services for elderly and disabled people through the Medicaid NEMT benefit. In partnership with Medicaid,we will take you to various destinations for your health care sessions safely and with excellent service. Those who are not eligible with this benefit can also avail of our services.

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