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Where NEMT Can Take You and Why It Is Important


Non-medical transportation services in Saint Anthony, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and their surrounding areas have served as a lifeline for many patients with specialized healthcare needs. The American Hospital Association once released a report that spotlighted the connection between reliable transportation and health outcomes. It revealed that high transportation costs and long travel times prevent many people from seeking treatment, discontinuing care plans and causing negative health outcomes.

This is why non-emergency transportation services for elderly and disabled are so important. They ensure that patients can travel whenever they need to and receive the assistance they need to monitor their condition, track their progress, or continue with their rehabilitation.

As your partner in non-emergency medical transportation in Portage, Wisconsin, COMFORTCARE TRANSPORTATION LLC can take you to the following locations:

  • Dialysis centers
    For patients with end-stage renal failure, regular dialysis ensures they can stay safe from comorbidities. We take you to your dialysis appointments on time to ensure you get the treatment you need.
  • Chemotherapy sessions
    Receiving chemotherapy is crucial for the survival of patients with cancer. Rest assured that you can attend every session with our para-transit service.
  • Medical check-ups
    Whether for an assessment or a follow-up, our transport services ensure you can work on your care plan with your trusted healthcare provider.
  • Rehabilitation facilities
    Following surgery, a complex injury, or a chronic diagnosis, rehabilitation services ensure you maintain your physical function and retain a level of independence in daily living.
  • Adult day care centers
    These facilities combine recreation, nutrition, and healthcare assistance to allow seniors to meet their physical, cognitive, and social needs.

Get to your destination and back in full confidence when you choose us. For more information about our ADA certified vehicles in Minnesota and Wisconsin, call us!

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