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NEMT: The Types and the Comfort It Brings

NEMT: The Types and the Comfort It Brings

Patients who are bed-ridden or have issues with their mobility need excellent transportation to and from hospital appointments. It may be an injury or a chronic illness that hinders them from moving smoothly. Thus, going to clinics for their regular check-up is a hassle.

Not everyone is blessed to afford a car that can accommodate their unique needs. Hence, trips for routine checks and dialysis appointments became a hassle for patients without good transportation.

There are different types of non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT). Each offers comfort and perks to patients with unique situations. These are:

  • Non-Emergency Ambulatory Transportation

    – perfect for patients who need to travel within the state.

    – this is usually provided with personalized ambulatory transport.

  • Non-Emergency Wheelchair Transportation

    – this is for handicapped patients who need a wheelchair for their appointments.

  • Non-Emergency Air Ambulance Transportation

    – this is usually for patients who require to be at their destinations immediately. The aircraft contains the necessary medical equipment and trained medical staff.

  • Non-Emergency Stretcher Transportation

    – this transportation is for patients suffering from back injuries who cannot sit upright, especially when traveling.

Some people are missing their medical care due to lack of good transportation that offers convenience. COMFORTCARE TRANSPORTATION LLC is here, ready to serve you with our non-medical transportation services in Saint Anthony, Minnesota.

We understand the struggle of going to appointments without proper transport. Through our ADA certified vehicle in Minnesota, we aim to help patients reach their medical appointments either punctually or on time.

Under our services, we deliver convenient and easy methods to get to your destination. We also have a line of non-emergency medical transportation in Portage, Wisconsin. Call us now to book a ride or check our website to know more.

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